Bohemian Home Deco basics.

inspired by the nomadic world, the bohemian life style is a blend of nature, tapestry, bright colors… The bohemian life style can be found in a bedroom or a living room. The different patterns, and colors can mix.




For exemple in this room we have a calm atmostphere, the walls are white and enlightened and we have foliage plant, and a mix of colors. In bed there is a red duvet, with some orange, pink , beige and brown with ethnical geometrical patterns.







    In this living room we have a red sofa with a lot of pillows. The walls are white and there are two windows and on one of them there’s a coloured painting. On the floor there is a beige carpeting and on this carpet there’s fluorescent rug. In the middle there’s a glass table. And to finish an old fashioned chandelier is hanging from the ceiling.




Sarah 1ére mode.  april 2018







Board Trend 2017

The fifties are coming back /Vintage look is so trendy !!!!!

How to get it right?

Bright colors would go hand in hand with flowers and peas patterns.

To highlight the feminity best attributes, without being vulgar and provocative. The dress has to stop to mid– knee.




The dresses of this era were flared with a very coloured  flowered trend , accompanied by little sleeves covering the shoulders.






The pea patterns was also trendy.
Taken in at the waist too !
 A little history :
In the 50’s the womans want show and confirm their feminity .
The Pin-up icon is
-Marilyn Monroe
-Audrey Hepburn



Renaissance clothing

The news matters are discover :
For exemple :
  • Polyester
  • Polyamide
  • Acrylic
 During 1950’s and 1960 cultived elegance and the feminity so today come back in this fashion so it’s reliable.value



The Cabaret, a french tradition


shoes for Cabaret

The women’s shoes have often  heels or shoes lift and rarely flats. The shoes lift bring the touch of feminity and elegance. Some dancers take dance lessons but dance with flat shoes it’s not easy. Over time she gets used to them but the heels stay very dangerous for the dancers. The men’s shoes have often shoes lift.



accessories used for the Cabaret

The accessories serve to bring the sexy and glamorous touch to the dancers of cabaret. The accessories differ according to the theme and the choreography that applys or the song  during  the show. Dancers often have  accessories like  the cigarettes, hats, gloves, feather headdresses, masks, scarves, fans and parasols.2600-3104                bandeau-noir-_-_plumes-charleston-sm23893

                       hairstyles of Cabaret

The hairstyles of the cabaret dancers serve to put value just as the clothes they wear.5db7208915240729532760eafdb54ff3--direction-paris-art


Before Cabaret ?Cabaret-2

The first cafe-concerts are born at the Belle Epoque*. The cabaret is a place where you can drink and eat at a show. The cabaret was a place of debauchery and provocation, they allow people to slip away from the real world during show time.

As the first World War and economic crisis begin, cabaret directors are forced to raise their prices: cabaret raises their reputation. Today, they offer high quality drinks, dishes and gastronomy. Their shows attract the most talented artists.

Éroticism, sensuality, sophistication and elegance are the trademark of those burlesque shows that invite the audience to escape the real world for a fairy one, and erases this old reputation of debauchery.

* End of 19th century to 1914


The history of bigger Cabarets

Le Chat noir which was opened in 1881 by Rodolphe Salis in Montmartre, The Moulin Rouge founded in 1889 by Joseph Oller and Charles Zidler, who already owned the Olympia has kept the tradition of the old french cancan nicknamed “The First Palace of Women”. With its red and gold decor, it is the symbol of the district of Pigalle and the largest cabaret in the world. Lido opened in 1946 by Joseph and Louis Clerico, the place is famous for its shows in which perform dancers, singers and various artists and the Crazy Horse created in 1951 by Alain Bernardin and are installed in the district of the Champs Elysees. The Crazy Horse is the only one to offer shows where girls dance completely naked, dressed only thanks to good lights. Proof that cabarets will make us dream for a long time. The cabaret is fashion!

p5The plumes Cabaret french cancan


Why do ladies wear the «cigarette holder »

The cigarette holder is a small tube that flares out at the end of which one fits the cigarette to smoke it without touching the lips . It’s a more sensual and erotic way for women to smoke at the cabaret .58bb2a24

write by: Margot Guinet , Noémia Pedroresende,Gael Bouchet ,Lauria Casagrande, Mahira Ould-Tayeb

The perception of Hippy style

In the sixties in the USA, a new style was created called hippy. This style was created during that babyboomer period (when a lot of babys were born) after the war.

The hippy’s didn’t want traditional values which were the life style of their parents and the society in general .

They didn’t like authority, they prefered equality.

They were considered like « rebelles » by society.

They dressed in a way which showed their freedom and simplicity. They dind’t want to follow the style of past generations.

                  Exemple normal style of fifties  :                             Hippy style in sixties :

                             source : Pinterest           source: highbrowmagazine

Since then this style has evolved by keeping the same spirit. They wanted stay unique.

However ,their apperance changed by doing dreadlocks, tattos , gauges and various hair style.

                                          Actual style:

                       Source: Pinterest                                  Source: Pinterest

              This style is worn by all generations including young, adults and older

Source: Pinterest    Source :   Source: Pinterest



Katniss Everdeen’s Wedding dress (Hunger Games )

This is the wedding dress of katniss Everdeen

21624266_1513468252032542_430611512_n The creators of this piece of art are none other than Phillip Boutte and Trish Summerville.

The wedding dress looks like a creation  of Alexander Mc Queen .   





Boutte, Trish Summerville and Tex Saverio have collaborated in the creation of this dress, because Boutte followed for a long time the creation of Saverio, wondering when to use them.




This dress was inspired from two pieces of the collection  «Le Glaçon » and two dresses of the « White » collection

The « White » Collection








                Collection « Le Glaçon »




The dress weights between eleven and thirteen kilos.  The inside is architecturally structured to support the fabric so that there are no problems.  A Little anecdote, between two takes, they would slip a stool under the dress armature for the actress to sit down.



2005            21682789_1513468338699200_1311555443_o

The flames of the dress are only special effect. They first filmed the wedding dress, and then they switched the wedding dress with the « mockingjay » dress for the scene where she twirls.






A great deal of    work has been done on the digitization of fabrics, to ensure that the effects of flames and ashes would be most realistic.

The wings are a special visual effect added on post production because their weight would have made Jennifer Lawrence fall.